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Lotion Bars

 Maui Coco Mango Lotion Bar (Donated by Carolyn M)

Enlarge Image
INCI Ingredients: 2 oz Mango butter
2 oz Maui honey beeswax (or what ever kind of beeswax you have)
2-3 oz of any combination of the following oils: Coconut 76º Oil, Maui Macademia Nut Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Sweet Almond
1/2-1 tsp jojoba wax spheres in color of your choice for coloring
2 tsp of fragrance oil (suggest Coconut Mango)

Directions: Melt Mango butter and beeswax and pour into large pyrex measuring cup. Add jojoba spheres. Melt together in microwave. Now add the oil as desired; add 2 oz of oil for harder bar or 3 oz for softer bar. Stir and mix thoroughly. Add your FO when mixture is slightly cooled. Pour into small soap mold or in push up or deoderant containers. Let cool completely or overnight.

Direction: Use on elbows, knees, heels, feet or any rough area on skin. Rub on area and smooth onto skin. Not recommended for use on face or lips.

 Moisturizing Lotion Bar

Enlarge Image
INCI Ingredients: 2 ounces of White Beeswax
2 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil
1 ounce of Clear Jojoba Oil
1 ounce of Shea Butter
1 Vitamin E capsule
5 drops of Georgia Peach Fragrance Oil
Directions: Melt the beeswax, and shea butter in a double boiler. Add oils and Vitamin E (poke a whole in the capsule and squeeze contents into beeswax). Add fragrance and color. Pour into a tin pot. Apply to skin as needed for dryness.

 Olive Oil Lotion Bar(Donated by Suze P. Florida)

Enlarge Image
INCI Ingredients: 16 ounces of White Beeswax
16 ounces of Pomace Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Germaben II E
1 Tablespoon of Fragrance Oil
2 teaspoons of Powder White Mica

Directions: Melt the beeswax in a double boiler. Add Olive oil and Germaben II E. Add fragrance and color. Pour into a shallow metal tin. Apply to skin as needed for dryness.