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General Melt and Pour Questions
Do you have a question to submit to Soap Teacher? We cannot answer questions by email but we can include many questions with answers to this website.

Please email your question to questions@soapteacher.com

 Can I melt my soap on a stove top?

Enlarge Image
You can only do this with a double boiler. Melting soap on direct heat will likely cause the soap to burn.

 Can I put my soap in the freezer?

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Yes, you can put it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes. If you completely freeze your soap, you will risk it sweating when it returns to room air. Try to avoid the freezer fan (this causes sweating also).

 Can I use a crock pot to melt my mp soap?

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A crock pot will not work...you will likely burn the soap. A roasting pan will work as long as it has a temperature dial that will go as low as 110º F.

 I do not like the way my soap turned out...help!

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That is okay...you can remelt it! You may want to add 1 tablespoon of water per pound of soap when it has melted.

 Is there a natural smell to MP Soap Base?

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MP Soap Base should have a slightly sweet smell and frankly, smell like soap. It should not smell rancid or foul.

 Is there an easy way to cut up a block of soap?

Enlarge Image
Try a bread dough scraper. You can cut slices and chunks from the block. It is not sharp so you should not cut yourself.

Note: Do not use a knife or sharp instrument. Your hands will get slippery from the soap. Once slip and you could cut yourself.

 My block of clear soap looks cloudy.

Enlarge Image
This is normal due to the size and thickness of the block. Once you slice off some soap, you will see the true color and clarity.

 My MP Soap has white crystals on it...Help!

Enlarge Image
The crystals form when your soap dehydrates and dries out. It is commonly seen during the humid months when the soap sweats and then dehydrates quickly. It will happen if you accidentally boil the soap in the microwave while heating. The best way to prevent this is to wrap the soap as soon as you un-mold it.

 My soap has bubbles on the bottom...help!

Enlarge Image
After you pour the soap, immediately spritz the surface with rubbing alcohol. This immediately pops the bubbles. Your soap will not smell like alcohol...the smell quickly disappears.

 My soap turned brown after 2 weeks. Why?

Enlarge Image
You most likely used a fragrance that contains vanilla. I recommend using the Vanilla Color Stabilizer many online suppliers carry. It will prevent color changes due to vanilla based fragrances. It will not prevent some florals from turning yellow or spices from turning orange. It only works with vanillas.

 What does MP mean?

Enlarge Image
MP stands for Melt and Pour

 What is glycerin mp soap?

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Glycerin melt and pour soap is a combinaton of natural and man made ingredients that allow you to melt the base, put additives into the base (such as fragrance and color), and then pour the base into molds. When the soap hardens (in about 20 minutes), it can be un-molded and is ready to use.

 What is the best method for melting soap?

Enlarge Image
In an uncovered double boiler.

 Why is my soap sweating?

Enlarge Image
MP Soap contains glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant which means that it will naturally attract moisture in the air to itself. Humid climates experience the issue the most.

In saying this, there is such a thing as too much sweating. Using the microwave to melt your soap often causes excessive sweating because it distrupts the water balance in the soap. Adding too much fragrance or additional oils can be another reason. If all else fails, perhaps try another brand of soap base.