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 Craft Show Do's and Don'ts

Enlarge Image
* Bring bags for customer purchases.
* Bring something to drink and eat.
* Never eat or drink in front of customers.
* Don't sit behind the table. Do not read a book.
* Stand and talk to your potential customers.
* Smile!
* Make small talk such as "these make great teachers gifts", "this is a fun stocking stuffer", "do you ever need a hostess gift...this is something they will use".
* Use a hook line to get people to your table such as "it is not chocolate...come and take a sniff...sniffing is free".
* Be friendly, no matter what is said to you.
* Never talk bad about the show or any crafter at the show.
* If you have no traffic, come in front of your table and fuss with your table a bit. People are attracted to tables with customers. Coming in front of the table makes it appear as though there is traffic.
* Talk with other crafters. Networking is good.
* If you can, take credit cards.

 How many bars of soap do I take to a craft show?

Enlarge Image
Try to find out last years craft show attendance. The rule of thumb is to take 10% in bars of soap. If the show draws 5,000 people you would want to take about 500 bars of soap. With this in mind, stick to your budget and only include the amount of inventory that you are comfortable taking. If you sell out in 4 hours...good for you....you met your goal early!

 How much money do I bring to a craft show?

Enlarge Image
You will want to take cash with you to your show. Typically you will want to take (20) $1 bills, (10) $5 bills, (4) $20 bills. Only include quarters if you sell items that end in 25, 50 or 75 cents.

You will want to wear a "fanny pack" to keep your extra money close to your body at all times. A "fanny pack" is a zipper purse that goes around your waist. Many people like to wear an apron with several deep pockets. The deep pockets lets you immediately put money out of sight when a customer pays for their items. Then during a break in traffic, you can transfer the money to your "fanny pack".

 I need ideas for a craft show display.

Enlarge Image
You will want to take a table cloth. I like the extra wide felt cloth because it is inexpensive and goes to the floor in front of the table. Some people will add a lace table cloth over it. Try to choose fabric that makes your table stand out. Red is always a good choice. Under the table is a great place to hide inventory and a tablecloth that goes to the floor helps hide the mess. Make sure the cloth also goes over the sides of the table. If you prefer something a display with a little more flare, consider buying a table skirt. Your can often find them at catering supply centers. It will attach to most tables with plastic clips.

You will want to create some height to your display. Crates, small shelves and baskets are common ideas. Make sure your display is stable. Your table will likely be bumped numerous times.

Make sure you include signs with prices for your items. In general, people do not like to ask the price of something.