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 Can I add palm oil or shea butter to mp soap base?

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It is not recommended because the oils will likely go rancid or mold in the mp base. They will also greatly decrease your lather.

You will see soap making recipes that call for oils and butters, such as those you mention, but those recipes are most likely cold or hot process soap recipes.

 Does my soap with toy embed need a warning label?

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Yes, you will want to put a warning label on the soap, especially for children under 3 years old.

 How much additive can I add to mp soap?

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You need to contact your supplier because additives sometimes come in different dilutions. Your vendor has the best information on what you purchased. Do not assume that two products named the same thing, from two different vendors, is the same thing.

 My additives are floating in my mp soap...Help!

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Depending on the additive, floating is common problem. You can do one of two things. First, you can melt the soap, add color and fragrance. Then allow your soap to cool in a plastic storage container until the outside of the container is warm to touch. Then add your additive and immediately pour into molds. The second option is to use an mp soap base that has a suspending additive added to the base.

 Why do some people add stearic acid to mp soap?

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Some people add this to make the bar harder. In general, they use 1 Tablespoon per pound of soap. Depending on your formula, stearic Acid may cloud the soap and/or decrease your lather.

 Will my additives grow mold in mp soap?

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Some will and some will not. When in doubt...preserve it!